Dual Immersion Enrollment

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Dual Immersion Program at Feaster Charter Elementary School

What is Dual Immersion?
  • A two-way Bilingual program where students learn Spanish and English 
  • The program ideally begins with the student in kindergarten and continues progressively until the student is promoted from the program
  • The program is designed based on the needs of each learner 
  • Ideally, DI requires an even blend of English dominant students and Spanish dominant students in order to support a collaborative learning environment 
What Does Dual Immersion Look Like at Feaster Charter?
  • K-3rd grade students receive part of their instruction in Spanish and part of their instruction in English.
  • 4th-5th grade students receive an average of 80 minutes of instruction per day in Spanish Langauge Arts.
  • All 3rd-5th grade DI students have the opportunity to take an additional 45-minute elective class 4 days a week.
What Are the Goals of Dual Immersion?
  • Students will be proficient in both Spanish and English
  • Students will commit to 7 years in the Dual Immersion Program in order to maximize achievement goals
  • Students will demonstrate positive cross-cultural attitudes and behaviors 
How Do I Get My Child in the Dual Immersion Program?

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