Healthy Campus

Healthy Campus


Healthy Campus (formerly Campus Clinic) offers a comprehensive approach to support the mental health of children, adolescents, and their families.

Services encompass evidence-based mental health support facilitated by licensed therapists, catering to K-12 students and their families.

Healthy Campus is dedicated to offering effective and personalized assistance to address mental health challenges within a confidential environment. Their focus is to nurture connections, build trust, and foster growth for both students and their families.


Now Offering Mental Health Services

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What Healthy Campus Offers:

  •         Convenient Primary Care
  •         Universal Mental Health Screening
  •         Individual Counseling
  •         Group Sessions
  •         Workshop and Education Series
  •         Healthy Campus Journey Platform

Campus Clinic and Chula Vista Elementary School District

Mental Wellness on Campus

 ThThe Healthy Campus Program Success team prioritizes care for students and their families while we ensure seamless program coordination. Healthy Campus is committed to strong relationships, supporting students and their families with genuine concern and attention to all their needs. Together, Healthy Campus builds an environment for thriving students and families.


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